2016 news brought to you by Orville and Kelly, your favorite airport pals! 

Another intersting year at MPR! Several projects are in progress, including new REILS-RW 18 is good to go, 36 should be done soon. We'll have new long overdue windows in the terminal building soon, also. We are excited about both projects! 

Other 2016 happenings:

  • Ulster Project teens from Ireland-second year! Quite a lively bunch! They sure enjoyed riding with our EAA Chapter #1344 members! One of the teens was very intersted in pursuing aviation That's what it's about-inspiring young folks to take up aviation careers! We are fortunate in this country that aviation is so accessible. It is not that way elsewhere.
  • Two more Eagle Scout Project benefitted our field this year. The first project, headed up by Alex Grennan & crew, included lots of spruce-ups for us-our park bench, the parking lot and the fuel pump shrouds, and rebuilding a broken fence. Orville likes to survey his kingdom surrepticiously from beneath the handy side table built with leftover fencing, while we enjoy watching airplanes and sunsets from the pretty blue bench. And everyone knows where to park their cars now when they come to visit! The second project was a redo of our compass rose, painted by Frank Nelson, Jr, and his dad. It looks so nice now, though we enjoyed the previous version painted for us by the 99s several years ago. We enjoy providing suitable Eagle Scout projects...and the results! Thanks, Alex and Frank!
  • Lecture/Lab Project at K-State Salina-Dr. Tara Harl asked Cynthia to participate again this year in presenting the Airport Management class with a real world challenge to solve. This year's assigment was on the Black Hawk hard landing incident. The students' written plans addressed the challenge very well. As a result of this program, MPR is set to benefit again by providing an internship to one of the students. Last year's interns were a great help to the airport, and we are appreciative. 
  • When Pigs Fly-16th year! JAARS/MATA was here for a second year, and brought Two Helio Courier aircraft for all the rides. K-State Skydivers were back to provide a thrilling ride for the more adventurous types. Plane Talk, as always, provided good music and lively commentary-they do a great job us for every year! Mid Kansas Radio provided wonderful live remote coverage as well. Rhonda's Yellow-Naped Amazon parrot, Kelly, was the star of the event for the kids, as usual-they love to pet her and let her sit on their shoulders! And of course, airport events are so much better when we have great food, which was provided Buddy's Ice Cream and Real Pits Barbeque-tasty goods, indeed!
  • We are very happy that our EAA Chapter #1344 resumed this past summer with an influx of folks locally and from the surrounding area. The group alternates meeting here and at Moundridge Airport on the third Sunday of each month at 2pm. There have been interesting demonstrations on building wooden wing ribs, and welding, among other topics. Members have participated in a Young Eagle day, as well. It's great to watch kids become acquainted with the fun of flying!
  • Cool Airplane Alerts & other visitors-We get unusual visitors here—being in the middle of the country makes MPR a great pitstop for Oshkosh and anyone else on a long cross-country. Even the Vintage Car Club of America stopped in for a photo op with vintage aircraft! When unexpected fun things happen, we call our local Mid Kansas radio to let folks know.                                            

2017 Flight Plans

We are looking forward to getting off the ground with some new projects next year, and landing a few more that have been in the air awhile! 

  • Host events, or provide a great venue for events, to encourage public use of the airport including sunsets and music, movies on the lawn, wedding receptions, etc.
  • Finish our terminal facelift, and paint a few hangars.
  • Host school and Scout field trips-other groups are welcome to inquire, as well!
  • The big project-Rehabiltate and Realign TW Alpha!!