2018 News


On , we teamed up with area aviation experts to show students, teachers and interested personnel the value of aviation careers during the Youth Leaders and Educators Session at the airport. We want to do our part to supply adequate, qualified professionals for future aviation workforce. Programs like ACES are built to increase interest in aviation careers. To read more, click here.


Later this spring we will have 2 projects, one being the realignment of the TWY A and the rehabiliation of RWY 08/26.


The Airport Authority officially celebrated the opening of its new
Taxiway Alpha on Saturday, October 20 at 11am. The McPherson
City Commissioners and Mayor joined airport officials, project
consultants, contractors and members of the community to
celebrate the advance in the airport’s history. The taxiway project
was needed to comply with the current Federal Aviation
Administration (FAA) Safety Standards and was funded through a
grant provided by the FAA. The event also offered EAA Young
Eagle rides for children by Chapter 1344. The EAA Young Eagle
program provides an opportunity for children ages 7-17 to fly in a
general aviation airplane. Not only were children able to ride in
airplanes but a helicopter as well. During the event 65 rides were
provided to children.


On October 16, three airport management students along with their instructor visited the airport for an industry lab. The airport manager, Cynthia Peterson, provided insights and an example for students of the real world airport happenings.
The lab originally was supposed to include information on about the grass runway refurbishment but ended up creating a lab about the ribbon cutting ceremony. 


In 2018, the Airport now had a noticeable uptick in
pilots receiving their training. Between the four
instructors there have been at least 18 students with
six having soloed. One of our youngest students, who
just graduated high school, recently purchased his
own C140 and is beginning his career in agricultural


In early November, about ten young boys, their parents
and pack leaders came to Airport for a tour. The young
boys learned how the Automated Weather Observation
System (AWOS) works and enjoyed looking at several
aircraft. The Airport staff always enjoys sharing aviation
with students.


A work in progress since the summer, the Airport now
has a new Airport Protection Zone Ordinance. This
complies with the current FAA standard of 5 NM
approach protection for RWY 18/36.


Unfortunately for Orville, popular mascot and superb
hunter at MPR, retirement came early. He is now
living at Cynthia’s home. She reports that Orville is
getting fatter and sassier and enjoys his feline friends.

Can you spot Orville in this picture?



Cool Airplane Alerts & other visitors


We get unusual visitors here—being in the middle of the country makes MPR a great pitstop for Oshkosh and anyone else on a long cross-country. When unexpected fun things happen, we call our local Mid Kansas radio to let folks know.

Yesterday and today, March 15, 2018 we had 5 blackhawks come in to refuel as they were putting out the fires in Rice and Reno County.